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My Top 5 Tips for Hiring a Paraplanner

Whether you are hiring a paraplanner in-house, or looking to outsource your paraplanning, these are my top tips to consider while going through the process.

Credentials: Don’t put too much stress on qualifications. Of course, it’s important that they meet the minimum qualifications and have technical knowhow, but some people learn from experience and putting things into practice!

Strengths and weaknesses: You need an understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, and then find a Paraplanner with complimentary attributes.

Realistic: Find a Paraplanner that is realistic. A good test is to ask them the question “how long do you think the average Super and Risk SOA will take to write?” If they guess a long time, they’re probably pessimistic when it comes to understanding their workflow. If they  guess a short amount of time, they probably tend to take on too much work and can’t manage workflow.

Attitude and Demeanour: If you walk away from the interview feeling energised by them, that’s a huge green tick. If you don’t feel positive about your interaction, just ask yourself “Can I work with them for 40 hours a week?”

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